It’s been over 10 years since we opened our doors here in California and we are still here because of our loyal and satisfied clients.

We are a leading service provider specializing in the email, fax and voice technologies for commercial businesses, organizations and government clients.

Our clients realize the economic wisdom of remaining focused on their core business activities while maintaining a lean operation.

In working with our clients in many different industries, we have learned all organizations share one common goal: to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our faxing services helps organizations achieve that goal.

Our clients also benefit from accessing the lowest faxing rates as well as best in class service.

red_crossWe proudly provide mission critical faxing services to the
American Red Cross.

In this competitive industry of fax messaging, many sophisticated buyers have chosen our company over other companies because we offer competitive pricing and excellent service. This ultimately saves our clients time and money with their faxing requirements.

Over the years, we have developed several optimization strategies for maximizing ROI with fax broadcasting.