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Common Fax Marketing Mistakes & How To Correct Them

Fax marketing can be an effective form of direct marketing if done without making any of these common mistakes below.

The Wrong Font Type

For example, fonts with serifs, like Times New Roman look really cool, but your fax could be delivered to your fax recipients very blurry. A solution is to use a simple and clean font like Arial. As you may know, Arial font is in most word processing programs.Below is an example of Times New Roman.Times New Roman Font
Below is an example of Arial.Arial Font

The Wrong Font Size

In an attempt to include a lot of important information, sometimes people think it is ok to shrink the font size. This is a mistake because some fax machines will automatically shrink the font size. This could make your message illegible. The solution is to set the font size to at least 14 point.

A Boring Offer

To get a response from any direct marketing campaign, the offer, in this case, the  headline, must be exciting. Ideally, the offer should make your prospects want to pick up the phone right away to get more information and order now.

No Call To Action

If you have a great offer, you still need to provide a reason for your prospect to call now. So give them a reason or even two reasons!

The Fax List

Even with a great fax marketing ad, targeting the wrong demographic is just a waste of time and money. Make sure your fax list is up to date. There are services that update fax lists for this specific reason.

Fax Remove Requests

This may seem obvious, but not offering your fax recipients a fast, east and free way to be removed from your fax lists is a big mistake. Equally obvious is to honor each remove request.

The easiest way to do this is to maintain a separate spreadsheet file as your do not fax list. Your fax service will be able to scrub your fax list against your do not fax list prior to each campaign.

Use of Colors

A color like red or a color image will not transmit very well. Stick to black font color and if you absolutely need to include an image try to create a line art version of it.Below is a color wheel.Color WheelBelow is the same color wheel as a fax machine would print it. By the way, this would be a best case scenario. Most likely this would be very blurred.Color Wheel Grey

Small Margins

Filling the page from top to bottom and side to side, is a mistake as well. Fax machines are infamous for trimming or cutting away part of the content of the fax. A good rule of thumb is to set a 1 inch margin all the way around.

Hopefully, these items will help improve your  fax marketing efforts in the future.

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Brilliant Bulk Fax Tips

Bulk FaxBelow is a list of tips that will help your company get the most out of your bulk fax efforts.

Keep It Short & Sweet

It seems obvious, but going on and on probably won’t help increase the response rates.

Keep it simple. Explain who you are, what you are offering and how your customer will benefit from using your products and/or services.

Then show how to contact you.

Add A Customer Review

If there is room on the fax, there is something can make a big difference.

Insert a client testimonial that shows how your client is benefiting from your products and services.

Make sure to use opening and closing quotes to make the review stand out a little.

Send Yourself Your Fax

Ok, you are almost ready to start your bulk faxing campaign. You and your staff have reviewed your fax many times.

Please remember to do this step as part of the process.

Send yourself your fax. You may find 1 or 2 errors that you did not see previously.

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Mass Fax: What You Need To Know

There are a few things you must know when sending a mass fax to your customers.

Mass Faxing SpeedSpeed

Once you schedule the date and time for your faxes to start sending, a mass fax service will deliver your faxes very quickly.

So for example, let’s say you have 10,000 fax numbers in your fax database. It will take approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes to send all of the faxes.

What this means to you is that your team needs to be ready to receive a lot of responses within a short time frame.


If you have a good offer and a good fax list, you will receive responses. People will be calling ready to order or asking for more information.

It is very important to inform as well as train the people who will be answering the phone during as well as after the mass fax.

One obvious tip is to not send out the faxes before your office is going to lunch.

This part can determine the success or failure of the campaign.


Some people will complain about receiving a fax.

It is very important to add these fax numbers to your do not fax list. Then always scrub your fax list against your do not fax list prior to sending our another mass fax campaign.

By doing this every time, you will tend to receive less and less complaints.


You will receive a detailed fax report at the end of the fax campaign. The report will include the following fields.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Fax Number
  • Disposition (Ex/ Delivered, Busy, Etc.)

The report is a helpful tool to determine your overall response rate and ROI.

This should help you and your team be more prepared for you next mass faxing campaign.

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Fax Advertising Do’s and Dont’s

calculatorThe idea here is to learn or review the fax advertising do’s and dont’s.

It is helpful sometimes to get a quick refresher, so here goes.


Headlines are crucial. A headline explains why your customer should continue reading your fax.

Ideally, a great headline will generate inquiries and requests for quotes or even orders.

Test, Test and Test Again

This can be boring but it can also pay off big time.

Let’s say your fax list consists of 10,000 companies. Instead of sending the fax out to all 10,000 at once, try sending 1,000 at a time.

Why? Well the answer is the first 1,000 people can share valuable feedback.

What is there was a spelling error or a date was wrong? It is better to make a mistake like this to a small part of your list than the entire fax list.

Also, the fax response could be so great that your team may not be able to answer all the incoming calls. So that is another reason to start small and build slowly.

Use White Background with Black Text

Of course it looks cool to have a black background with white text.

 Check this out! 

The bottom line though it that as a fax transmission it could like a black box with no white text.

Removal Requests

Always make sure it is super easy for your customers to be removed from your fax list. For one reason or another, some people do not want to receive fax advertising reminders to reorder products and/or services.

Maintain a separate files of all the fax number removal requests. Our fax system will automatically scrud your do not fax list against your fax list.

So once someone opts out of your fax advertising, they will never receive another fax ad from you again.

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How To Increase Fax Blast Response Rates

increase-fax-response-ratesAt the minimum, when spending money on marketing and advertising, companies want to get a large enough response to cover the cost of the campaign.

The first step is to calculate your existing response rate.

So let’s use an example. Let’s say you sent out 10,000 faxes. You received 15 valid inquiries.

So the response rate for that fax blast is 15/10000 = 1.5%

As you can imagine, fax blast response rates vary based on several factors, like the fax list quality, the fax page as well as the fax blasting service.

With a fax blast, there is no other single strategy that will increase responses more than field merging.

What is field merging?

Field merging is personalizing each fax ad to each fax recipient. When a fax message is personalized, the overall percentage response will be higher versus a fax ad that is not personalized.

How to implement field merging?

Your fax list obviously must contain additional fields other that the fax number. So for example, let’s use the Company Name field.

At the top of your fax template, it could read: “Special 25% Discount for <Company Name> Employees”

When the fax is sent to ABC Toys, it will read : “Special 25% Discount for ABC Toys Employees”

When the fax is sent to XYZ Widgets, it will read : “Special 25% Discount for XYZ Widgets Employees”

Just think about it for a moment, if you received a fax and it was personalized with your Company Name, wouldn’t you give it a little more attention?

Other fields other than the Company Name can be merged into your fax as well.

Below is a small list of possibilities.

  • Contact Name
  • Industry like (Dry Cleaners, Janitorial Supply, MLM)
  • City, County or State

If your fax list does not have any additional fields, the fax number area code can be used to identify the State. It may take some time to do this, but it could make a difference.

On your next fax blast, try field merging and see how it increases your response rates.

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How To Fax Broadcast

Setting up a fax broadcast is easy but there are a few steps to follow in order to get the best results.

There are 3 things you need to send a fax broadcast.

The Fax

In the past, Microsoft Word was predominantly used. Now, there are several free options like Open Office Writer (http://www.openoffice.org), Libre Office (http://www.libreoffice.org) and Google Docs (https://www.google.com/docs/about/).

Also, it can be helpful to start with a fax template versus starting with a blank page.

The font used is very important as well. One of the cleanest and easiest to read fonts is Arial. Our seems to be received by fax machines the best.

The Fax List

Your fax list should be up to date and ideally include additional data fields other than the fax number so you can increase the response rates with field merging.

The format of each fax number does not matter. So parentheses, spaces and dashes will be removed.

What is required is a valid fax number in terms of the number of digits to make it a valid fax number.

The Fax Broadcast Date and Time

Now that your fax and fax list are in order, the next step is to decide when you want to send your broadcast fax.

Some people like to send the faxes out over night while others send the faxes our first thing in the morning.

Whenever you decide to send your fax broadcast, just make sure you and your team is ready to receive the call responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions you may be thinking about.

How long has your faxing service been in business?
We have been in the faxing business for over 15 years.

Also, we are located in San Diego, California. Our network can send fax documents to the Canada, England and the United States.

What fax document formats does your system accept?
Our fax system accepts any document format. For best results, we recommed PDF format.

What format does your system accept for the fax number list?
Our fax system accepts any list format.

Does your company offer an automatic opt out fax number?
Yes, we offer an automatic opt out fax number which can be included at the bottom of each fax that is sent.

What time of day can I send fax broadcasts?
You can send your fax broadcasts any time of day.

Can I merge data from my list onto the fax?
Yes, our fax software allows for unlimited fax field merging.

Are there any other fees like set up fees, monthly fees or taxes?
No, we do not charge any set up fees, monthly fees or taxes. We just charge a low fax broadcasting rate.

What are the fax laws in my area?
Below are several links to other websites.

How long does it take to set up a new account?
A new account can be provisioned almost instantly.

What type of customer support is available?
We are happy to provide free phone and email support to our clients. We want to make sure each of your broadcasts is perfect.

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