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Brilliant Bulk Fax Tips

Bulk FaxBelow is a list of tips that will help your company get the most out of your bulk fax efforts.

Keep It Short & Sweet

It seems obvious, but going on and on probably won’t help increase the response rates.

Keep it simple. Explain who you are, what you are offering and how your customer will benefit from using your products and/or services.

Then show how to contact you.

Add A Customer Review

If there is room on the fax, there is something can make a big difference.

Insert a client testimonial that shows how your client is benefiting from your products and services.

Make sure to use opening and closing quotes to make the review stand out a little.

Send Yourself Your Fax

Ok, you are almost ready to start your bulk faxing campaign. You and your staff have reviewed your fax many times.

Please remember to do this step as part of the process.

Send yourself your fax. You may find 1 or 2 errors that you did not see previously.


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