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Fax Advertising Do’s and Dont’s

calculatorThe idea here is to learn or review the fax advertising do’s and dont’s.

It is helpful sometimes to get a quick refresher, so here goes.


Headlines are crucial. A headline explains why your customer should continue reading your fax.

Ideally, a great headline will generate inquiries and requests for quotes or even orders.

Test, Test and Test Again

This can be boring but it can also pay off big time.

Let’s say your fax list consists of 10,000 companies. Instead of sending the fax out to all 10,000 at once, try sending 1,000 at a time.

Why? Well the answer is the first 1,000 people can share valuable feedback.

What is there was a spelling error or a date was wrong? It is better to make a mistake like this to a small part of your list than the entire fax list.

Also, the fax response could be so great that your team may not be able to answer all the incoming calls. So that is another reason to start small and build slowly.

Use White Background with Black Text

Of course it looks cool to have a black background with white text.

 Check this out! 

The bottom line though it that as a fax transmission it could like a black box with no white text.

Removal Requests

Always make sure it is super easy for your customers to be removed from your fax list. For one reason or another, some people do not want to receive fax advertising reminders to reorder products and/or services.

Maintain a separate files of all the fax number removal requests. Our fax system will automatically scrud your do not fax list against your fax list.

So once someone opts out of your fax advertising, they will never receive another fax ad from you again.


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