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How To Increase Fax Blast Response Rates

increase-fax-response-ratesAt the minimum, when spending money on marketing and advertising, companies want to get a large enough response to cover the cost of the campaign.

The first step is to calculate your existing response rate.

So let’s use an example. Let’s say you sent out 10,000 faxes. You received 15 valid inquiries.

So the response rate for that fax blast is 15/10000 = 1.5%

As you can imagine, fax blast response rates vary based on several factors, like the fax list quality, the fax page as well as the fax blasting service.

With a fax blast, there is no other single strategy that will increase responses more than field merging.

What is field merging?

Field merging is personalizing each fax ad to each fax recipient. When a fax message is personalized, the overall percentage response will be higher versus a fax ad that is not personalized.

How to implement field merging?

Your fax list obviously must contain additional fields other that the fax number. So for example, let’s use the Company Name field.

At the top of your fax template, it could read: “Special 25% Discount for <Company Name> Employees”

When the fax is sent to ABC Toys, it will read : “Special 25% Discount for ABC Toys Employees”

When the fax is sent to XYZ Widgets, it will read : “Special 25% Discount for XYZ Widgets Employees”

Just think about it for a moment, if you received a fax and it was personalized with your Company Name, wouldn’t you give it a little more attention?

Other fields other than the Company Name can be merged into your fax as well.

Below is a small list of possibilities.

  • Contact Name
  • Industry like (Dry Cleaners, Janitorial Supply, MLM)
  • City, County or State

If your fax list does not have any additional fields, the fax number area code can be used to identify the State. It may take some time to do this, but it could make a difference.

On your next fax blast, try field merging and see how it increases your response rates.


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