Fax Broadcasting Service

Let’s talk about our fax broadcasting service company in terms of Quality, Service and Price.


Fax Broadcasting ServiceWhen you fax blast your fax document with our service, by default, our broadcast fax servers deliver your fax in Fine Mode (fine resolution) to each fax machine or efax number.

This helps ensure your fax marketing looks crisp and clear. There are many fax templates available to use as a starting point.

We have literally thousands of fax lines in our network and also have negotiated low fax broadcast rates with our carriers.

This allows us to use fine mode and still be able to pass along low rates to our valued customers. After all, we are business to serve our customers.

This will deliver your fax document as clearly as possible.

In fact, prior to sending out an entire broadcast fax campaign to your fax blast list, it is a great idea to send the fax to yourself. We call it a test fax. It is a great way to see the quality and clarity your customers will see. Also, it is a way to catch any spellllling mistakes! Contact us for more bulk fax tips like this.

Warning: Some mass fax companies use fax software that uses Standard Mode (standard resolution) which can make your fax look cheap and give your customers a negative impression of your organization. The reason why other companies do this is to have a shorter fax transmission time which lowers their cost.


Fax Advertising ServiceAs with any marketing or advertising campaign, it is very important to track the statistics. We offer an online mass fax report that includes all the important information.

You can also view real-time statistics as your fax blast is running.

Also, you can download a detailed log which includes a row for each fax number that was dialed. It can be viewed in any spreadsheet software.

We are based in San Diego, California however our network can deliver faxes to Canada, the UK and the USA . If you would like to send your fax to a different country, we can do that as well!

Our fax servers have the capacity to send millions of faxes per day. So if you want to send 10,000 faxes, they can be delivered in a few minutes at a low cost as well.

It’s completely up to you. We can set up your fax broadcasts for you or you can set them up yourself with our easy to use internet web interface.

If a fax number is busy, we’ll can retry that fax number every 15 minutes up to 5 times per your request. There is no additional cost to do this.

Our system can accept all the popular file formats as well as the less popular ones. We have yet to see a file we can’t open!

Our system can seamlessly merge data from your fax lists into your fax document. This is a great way to increase the response rate with personalization.

Our fax system is completely web based. There is no fax software to buy or lease and you do not need to have your own fax lines.

As with any outbound marketing campaign, whether it be by phone, by email or by fax, it is critical to give your a fast and easy way to opt out from your database.

For our fax advertising customers, we offer a free dedicated automatic opt out phone number or fax number to our clients.

Please note that we are not a junk fax or spam fax service.

We specialize in delivering mission critical documents via fax for our clients.

We strongly encourage our clients to use our service responsibly to stay compliant with applicable laws.


Fax Broadcasting CostWe offer competitive discount fax broadcasting pricing.

Our costs may seem cheap compared to other faxing companies, but it is only because we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our own service.

In addition, we also have well established relationships with our carriers which helps keeps our costs low as possible.

Please feel free to contact us to see how much money we can save your organization.